D-MAH License

Compiere, LLC holds a D-MAH license from
the Tokyo Metropolitan government.

For foreign manufacturers planning to market your devices in Japan

You can sell your devices in Japan using three methods:

Establish a subsidiary/office in Japan and obtain a business license (MAH)
… but this is costly.
Appoint an MAH (product marketing approval under the MAH name)
… MAH is the party responsible for the product within Japan.
Appoint a D-MAH using the foreign special approval system, where product marketing approval is under the foreign manufacturer’s name (D-MAH acts as the agent in Japan known as "Dairinin")… the foreign manufacturers can control their marketing, and can change the D-MAH at any time.

Foreign Special Approval System

A foreign manufacturer without an office in Japan can obtain a device marketing approval under their own name through D-MAH(as a local representative), it allows you to exercise control over your device marketing.

  • D-MAH: Designated Marketing Authorization Holder
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